Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am gonna need a whole lotta ????? to get through tomorrow.

I took tomorrow off work so that I could get all my appointments done in one day. As of right now, here's how tomorrow should go:

8 am - DMV for vehicle registration - Draper
8 am - College placement test - West Jordan (cuz the stinkin' DMV is closed on Fridays & so now I have to try to get over there right after work Good thing it's just down the street from where I work. & an explanation of why I'm taking a placement test is coming)

11 am - Latest chiro S&M session (except that it doesn't really hurt that much anymore so I guess it's just more of a manhandling session now. Nice!) - Riverton

12:15 pm - Orthodontist appointment (daughter) - Riverton (right across the street from the chiro...I actually caught a break there.)

2 pm - Hair appointment (me) - Sandy

4:15 pm - Eye doctor appointment (daughter) in Orem

HOLY FREAKIN' CRAP! Let's throw something else in there that needs to be done in Ogden while we're at it cuz I really don't think I'm gonna be driving enough tomorrow.