Wednesday, April 1, 2009

s is for the.....

in today's quest to avoid my work, i came up with an acronym for snow. as you can imagine, it is snowing again today. i know i have said this, but i am done. i am SO done. i am BEYOND done. and no i'm not exaggerating.

if it helps, i am hearing the tune to "m is for the..." in my head. among other things. the voices are really the ones that told me to do this.

S is for the slick & slippery roadways

N is for the nimrod idiots who don't deserve to have a license (and might not actually have one) & have no business being on the road (ok so that line doesn't quite fit with the tune....bite me!)

O is for the OMG!.....I.....CAN'T.....STOP!!!!!

W is for when will spring really be here?

you may think i'm bitter from reading this. do i SOUND bitter? do i? DO I?????

OF COURSE i'm fucking bitter!!!!! LOL wanna criticize? come here 1st & drive in this crap & then try to criticize.